How to make a D.I.Y silver ring

A wholesale silver ring maker’s guide to creating your perfect ring

Everyone loves silver ring. It suits everyone whether they are women, men, or children. Silver rings are by far the most popular. If you like to match your jewelry with your outfits, you probably must buy new silver ring often (Buying wholesale silver ring to save money! More on this later, okay?), and it is sometimes difficult to find jewelry models, especially silver rings, which look exactly like what we want. Fortunately, there is a solution: why don’t you make your own custom rings. I’m not kidding! This will allow you to wear unique rings, and you will have good fun during the processing of modifying it. This is a wholesale silver ring manufacturer’s guide to make your custom ring!

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How to make your own silver ring?

The different types of materials create a different vibe. To create your original rings, you can use many materials. Either you buy ring bases, that is to say, the silver ring with a flat part on which you can place your creation. Alternatively, you can order a custom-made ring and continue from that. Both options can get cheaply from wholesale silver ring vendors. After we get the base, you need to make your own decoration to place on the ring.

How to make a wooden decoration?

If you choose to opt for wood as a decorative material, then you have to decide what type of decoration you want to wear small knots, hearts, initials, cubs, flowers, etc. the choice is vast. You give it the shape of your choice. You can also decorate with ribbons and anything you can imagine.

How to make leather decoration?

You will have to find pieces of leather that are usually not too easy to get. Moreover, then you have to cut the leather to make shapes, like flowers, for example, or any other shape that you like. Then glue your decoration on a ring base that you have previously bought on the market. Use a specialized glue for leather. The leather decoration is not natural to do when you are not used to working on this material. So get help from wholesale silver ring vendors or manufacturers if you can.

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How to make a bead decoration?

If you want to decorate your entire ring, you can find materials in the hobby shops and give them some twist to create the shape of your choice. If you prefer simpler decorations, you can also make the ring with only beads and fishing wire. Cover all the parts in contact with your skin with clear nail polish, you can then avoid the reactions, and you will keep your jewelry intact long time.

How to make a paper decoration?

Pretend to be Japanese princesses or geisha by making paper rings! Origami decoration is worn mostly in the form of earrings because a paper swan on a ring has a good chance of being quickly damaged. Make your usual paper fixtures and stick them on a ring holder. This is quick and easy. Though if you broke it, you would have to do it again.

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